January 15, 2021

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The Cost of CyberCrime Rises to an Unprecedented Rate

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The cost of CyberCrime and CyberAttacks are costing companies great expenditures.  The cost of responding to those attacks is $12.7 million!  That is probably in line with the fact that Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Goodwill, Kmart, and Target have all been attacked in the last year.  That is a 176% increase in cyber attacks and a total of 138 successful attacks.  That isn’t even the scariest part.  The scary part is that it took an average of 170 days to find out that they were attacked and took forty-five more days to rectify the problem!  This was from a survey of only 59 companies…Here is the original article from Security Week.

Cost of Cyber Attacks Jumps for US Firms: Study

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