Nov 302014

Nov 282014

Here is an article from Microsoft on how to setup a wireless network with authentication.  It has all the links to get you setup using a RADIUS server with certificate ideas and all.  Quite a good resource.  Now a days, it is a good idea to run a RADIUS server as wireless networks are pretty easy to break into without one of these systems.  Most routers on the market today have the feature to become a RADIUS client and that is the first hardware step to creating one of these secure wireless networks.  However, as the saying goes…”There is no such thing as a secure wireless network”…maybe just more secure than your neighbor.

Nov 272014

With so many people wanting to shop on Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, it is important to remember that that there are many scams to look out for.  Last year yielded a few scams.  Here are 4 listed in this article.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 272014

Running an Outlook server takes some expertise, but it takes just a bit more to secure it.  In this article, it shows some good methods to secure the server.  Some are simple , such as, encrypting all connections, but some are like using high end application firewalls with features such as grammatical analyzation and suspicious user tracking and mitigation.

Nov 262014

This is a great example of how to do a social engineering attack.  All it takes is a determined individual with the information that is freely available on the internet that most of us provide.

Nov 252014

Pablos Holman makes a great video and a talk about how insecure most everything is in the world around us.  He includes everything from bluetooth devices to cars to TVs in hotel rooms.

Nov 242014

This year has been quite a year of breaches, bugs, and flaws.  This article from CSO of Australia compares the predictions with the actual turn out.

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