Mar 312015

Another interesting spy software package developed and used by the NSA

Mar 302015

I have had Dell systems before and the Dell Systems Detect is quite handy in getting software downloaded.  This article makes me not ever want to use thus software or any others again.  Make sure if you have a Dell and use this software to uninstall it.  Then if you need an update just ensure to go to the Dell support site type in the Service Tag and then download whatever software you need and do not use the Dell System Detect software.  Even though the initial bug is fixed, the software can still be easily compromised. Here is the article.

Mar 292015

Some more information on Fuel pump skimmers and what some stations are doing to bring light if the pimp is compromised.

Mar 282015

Adobe still under fire.

Exploit Kits Leverage Vulnerability One Week After Patch | SecurityWeek.Com.

Mar 272015

Good old Microsoft.  They fixed it …again.

Mar 262015

Mar 252015

It seems like Hearbleed all over again.

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