Mar 272015

Good old Microsoft.  They fixed it …again.

  One Response to “Microsoft Fixes Stuxnet Bug, Again — Krebs on Security”

  1. I really confused when I saw this article. Several years ago when I was working in I was researching about the mechanisms Stuxnet spreading through USB and networks I watched a video there Bruce Dang one of Microsoft team member mentioned we had knew about Stuxnet but we weren’t allowed to talk about it till now (2010). but now days that everybody knows about the Stuxnet and its mission is finished, why Microsoft haven’t patched its vulnerabilities forever? is there something remained unmentioned about the Stuxnet mission?
    I searched a lot to find the exact video I had watched that time which contained much more knowledge about the role of Microsoft in responsibility of postponing patching the vulnerabilities Stuxenet was using but I couldn’t find it yet. however the above video contains some admissions from one of Microsoft members.

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