Feb 292016

How to Turn off and disable Windows 10 LockScreen Ads

Source: Windows 10 Started Showing Ads on LockScreen — Here’s How to Turn It OFF

Feb 282016

Source: Skype Now Hides Your Internet Address — Krebs on Security

Feb 272016

Source: Targeted IPv6 Scans Using pool.ntp.org . – SANS Internet Storm Center

Feb 262016

Also known as Neutrino, this piece of malware is another case of Office macro malaise.

Source: Macro Malware Resurgence Highlighted By Kasidet Outbreak

Feb 252016

Source: More Details on the NSA Switching to Quantum-Resistant Cryptography – Schneier on Security

Feb 242016

More than just a point-of-sale card scraper, it’s modular malware, and every module is a rootkit.

Source: Stealthy ModPOS Is ‘Most Sophisticated PoS Malware’ Ever

Feb 232016

FireEye researchers have released a report which details potential security issues with software used to dynamically patch iOS apps.

Source: FireEye report identifies iOS security storm-in-a-tea-cup – SC Magazine

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