Feb 202017

I will discuss six common phishing attacks and provide some useful tips on how organizations can protect themselves against those scams.

Source: 6 Common Phishing Attacks and How to Protect Against Them

Feb 192017

Vizio Fined $2.2 Million For Spying on Its 11 Million Smart TV Customers

Source: Smart TV Maker Fined $2.2 Million For Spying on Its 11 Million Users

Feb 182017

Source: Windows DRM Social Engineering Attacks & TorBrowser – My Hacker House

Feb 172017

China cracks down on VPNs with an aim to close holes in its Great firewall

Source: China makes VPNs illegal to tighten its Great Firewall

Feb 162017

Clock Signal Component Issue

Source: Clock Signal Component Issue

Feb 152017

At a dedicated phone forensics facility in Tulsa, Okla., the Secret Service breaks into about 40 phones a year that could contain valuable information related to criminal investigations.

Source: Hunting for evidence, Secret Service unlocks phone data with force or finesse – CSMonitor.com

Feb 142017

The Australian Signals Directorate’s award-winning Top Four cyber threat mitigation strategy has become the Essential Eight. They’re based on data, they’re essential, and they’ll upset vendors.

Source: Block adverts, delete Flash, kill Java: ASD | ZDNet

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