May 312017

Cyber espionage actors, now designated by FireEye as APT32 (OceanLotus Group), are carrying out intrusions into private sector companies across multiple industries and have also targeted foreign governments, dissidents, and journalists.

Source: Cyber Espionage is Alive and Well: APT32 and the Threat to Global Corporations « Threat Research Blog | FireEye Inc

May 302017

Following a news report that Russian investigators have uncovered a hacking campaign where “malware planted on Android mobile devices [was used] to steal from d

Source: Hackers Hit Russian Bank Customers – Information Security Buzz

May 292017

A bug in the Twitter social network allowed an attacker to post tweets as a different user, without having access to the victim’s account.

Source: Twitter Bug Allowed Publishing Tweets From Any Account | SecurityWeek.Com

May 282017

Billions of Android phones (all versions) vulnerable to extremely dangerous ‘Cloak and Dagger’ full device takeover hack.

Source: All Android Phones Vulnerable to Extremely Dangerous Full Device Takeover Attack

May 272017

A 7-year-old critical remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-7494) in Samba Lets Hackers Access Thousands of Linux PCs Remotely

Source: 7-Year-Old Samba Flaw Lets Hackers Access Thousands of Linux PCs Remotely

May 262017

Latest firmware update of Netgear routers now collects analytics data, here’s how to install DD-WRT router firmware.

Source: Netgear Now Collects Router ‘Analytics Data’ — Here’s How to Disable It

May 242017

Google Play Protect: Built-In Android Malware Scanner to Identifies Malicious Apps Using Behavior Monitoring

Source: Google Adds New Behavior-Based Malware Scanner To Every Android Device

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