Jul 292018

India-linked Highly Targeted iPhone Hacking Campaign Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software Is Broader Than Previously Known, targeting windows devices and possibly Android as well.

Source: iPhone Hacking Campaign Using MDM Software Is Broader Than Previously Known

Jul 282018

Microsoft Executive Revealed That APT28 Russian Hackers Also Tried to Hack Three 2018 Midterm Election Candidates

Source: Microsoft Says Russia Tried to Hack Three 2018 Midterm Election Candidates

Jul 272018

Apache releases important security updates to patch information disclosure and DoS vulnerabilities in Tomcat Apache 7, 8 and 9 versions.

Source: Apache Tomcat Patches Important Security Vulnerabilities

Jul 262018

Google announces its own hardware security key, called Titan Security Keys, for stronger logins and two-factor authentication.

Source: Titan Security Keys – Google launches its own USB-based FIDO U2F Keys

Jul 252018

Phishing attackers have failed to compromise a single employee account at Google since the company mandated authentication using U2F hardware tokens in early 2017. That’s the remarkable claim made …

Source: Google hasn’t suffered an employee phishing compromise in over a year – Naked Security

Jul 242018

Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure” starting on Tuesday – an important milestone on the road to HTTPS everywhere.

Source: Why your website is officially ‘not secure’ from today – Naked Security

Jul 242018

Researchers discover a new Bluetooth hack (CVE-2018-5383) that could allow hackers to steal data going over the air between devices, or inject malware.

Source: New Bluetooth Hack Affects Millions of Devices from Major Vendors

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