Oct 312018

A new highly critical privilege escalation flaw discovered in X.Org Server package that impacts OpenBSD and most Linux distributions

Source: New Privilege Escalation Flaw Affects Most Linux Distributions

Oct 302018

Code Execution Flaw discovered in LIVE555 Streaming Media.

Source: Critical Code Execution Flaw Found in LIVE555 Streaming Library

Oct 292018

“Uninstall?” HA! Uninstall trackers enable app developers to game iOS and Android and continue sending push notifications to fleeing users.

Source: Are your jilted apps stalking you? – Naked Security

Oct 282018

The survey found that the majority of cyberattacks – 75% – came from outsiders, while 25% were due to insiders.

Source: Phishing is still the most commonly used attack on organizations, survey says – Naked Security

Oct 272018

Drupal website owners have some important patching homework to do.

Source: Patch now! Multiple serious flaws found in Drupal – Naked Security

Oct 262018

Researchers think they’ve spotted a tracking technique that nobody has been paying attention to – TLS session resumption.

Source: Could TLS session resumption be another ‘super cookie’? – Naked Security

Oct 252018

Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Protection is going mainstream.

Source: Firefox 63 gets tough with trackers – Naked Security

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