March 8, 2021

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Meditab affiliate exposes medical records, PII on unprotected server

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Original Post from SC Magazine
Author: Teri Robinson

Once again, information was left exposed on an unprotected
server – this time by an affiliate of Meditab, a California maker of medical
records software sold to doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.

Researchers at SpiderSilk found that anyone could read in
realtime unencrypted medical records, personal information, drug prescriptions,
doctors’ notes and the like from faxes processed by the server hosted by MedPharm
Services in Puerto Rico, founded by Meditab founder Kalpesh Patel, according to
a report
from TechCrunch.

MedPharm General Counsel Angel Marrero said
the company was “still reviewing our logs and records to access the scope of
any potential exposure,” the report said.

“Providers work with hundreds,
sometimes thousands, of third-party vendors on a regular basis. Unfortunately,
standard risk assessment processes are outdated and inadequate, which leaves
providers open to these types of threats,” said Ed Guadet, CEO of Censinet. “We’ll continue to see breaches
that originate from third parties until healthcare organizations start to
implement real-time risk assessment processes that manage and remediate
potential issues continuously, keeping servers secure and patient data safe.”

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Author: Teri Robinson

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