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Trojan targeting Facebook Ads Manager could be cyberespionage tool

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Original Post from SC Magazine
Author: Doug Olenick

Facebook ads
are being targeted by a new trojan which could allow a malicious actor to
access not only regular advertisements but the growing number of political
spots being posted to the social media giant.

The trojan,
called Socelars, is distributed through a fake PDF editing app named PDFreader attempts
to mine data from Facebook ads was turned up by Bleeping
and MalwareHunterTeam. Once activated the trojan attempts to steal
Facebook session cookies from Chrome and Firefox through the Cookies SQLite
database and then use them to connect to different Facebook URLs, Bleeping Computer

account_billing URL will be used to extract the user’s account_id and
access_token, which will then be used in a Facebook Graph API call to steal
data from the user’s Ads Manager settings,” Bleeping Computer said, adding the
data extracted can include “session cookies, access tokens, account ids,
advertising email address, associated pages, credit card info (number,
expiration date), PayPal email, ad balances, spending limits

The stolen
information could enable a malicious actor to create their own campaign ads,
which could have grave implications during any election cycle.

security researcher Vitaly Kremez said, “Also, I think in light of the upcoming
elections and intensified FB campaigns running political messages, this tool is
almost like an espionage malware looking for possible political narratives (and
grabbing account information),” according to BleepingComputer.

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Author: Doug Olenick

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