November 25, 2020

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Momentum botnet spotted in the wild

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Original Post from SC Magazine
Author: Doug Olenick

A new botnet
dubbed Momentum has been found targeting Linux systems running on a variety of
different processors and pushing a list of well-known backdoors with the goal
of being able to launch DDoS attacks.

Trend Micro
reported Momentum has been found launching Mirai, Kaiten and Bashlite variants
in a series of attacks that use a multitude of vulnerabilities on routers and
web services to download and execute shell scripts.

“The main
purpose of this malware is to open a backdoor and accept commands to conduct
various types of DoS attacks against a given target,” Trend

injected into a device the malware achieves persistence by modifying the  rc files and then connecting to the command
and control server and joins an internet relay chat channel named #hellboy to register
and begin accepting commands. The chat channel is used to command the botnet devices.

Momentum has
in its arsenal 36 different methods for creating a denial of service situation.
A typical attack sees the malware spoofing the victim’s source IP addresses to
services run on publicly accessible servers, provoking a flood of responses to
overwhelm the victim’s address,” Trend Micro wrote.

The best defense
against Momentum is to not just trust the factory setting and instead make
certain your Linux device is properly secured.

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Author: Doug Olenick

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