November 24, 2020

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123456 still a popular password

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Original Post from SC Magazine
Author: Doug Olenick

Among the banes of existence
for any human living in the 21st century is the need to periodically
choose, change and remember numerous passwords, which partly explains why
nearly 3 percent of computer users chose 123456 in 2019.

This according to , reports Teams ID.

So, if you fall into this
category it may just be that time of the year to perhaps add to your list of
New Year’s resolutions for 2020 to protect yourself from identity theft with an
obscure password that could also be meaningful to your life. Selecting the most
obvious words or numbers, as well as the same log-in for every website, is probably
not the smartest approach to getting online.

“A strong password is defined
as a password that is reasonably difficult to guess in a short period of time
either through human guessing or the use of specialized software,” states Morgan
Slain, CEO of SplashData, which estimates almost 10 percent of people have used
at least one of the 25 worst passwords on this year’s list. SplashData this
year evaluated more than 5 million leaked passwords from mostly computer users
in North America and Western Europe.

In the “not-so-brilliant-minds-think-alike” category, here are the most popular passwords, according to Teams ID:

 1.  123456
2. 123456789
 3.  qwerty
 4.  password
5.  1234567
6.  12345678
7.  12345
8.  iloveyou
9.  111111
10.  123123
11.  abc123
12  qwerty123
 13.  1q2w3e4r







 14.  admin
15.  qwertyuiop
16 . 654321
17.  555555
18.  lovely
19.  7777777
20.  COFFEE!
21.  888888
22.  princess
23.  dragon
 24.  password1
 25.  123qwe







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Author: Doug Olenick

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