February 25, 2021

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Threat actor is selling 368.8 million records from 26 data breaches

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Original Post from Security Affairs
Author: Pierluigi Paganini

A data breach broker is selling user records allegedly from twenty-six data breaches on a hacker forum.

Security experts from Bleeping Computer reported that a threat actor is selling user records allegedly stolen from twenty-six companies on a hacker forum.

The total volume of data available for sale is composed of 368.8 million stolen user records.

“Last Friday, a data broker began selling the combined total of 368.8 million stolen user records for twenty-six companies on a hacker forum.” reported Bleeping Computer.

For some of these companies, the data breaches have not been previously disclosed, including Teespring.com, MyON.com, Chqbook.com, Anyvan.com, Eventials.com, Wahoofitness.com, Sitepoint.com, and ClickIndia.com.

Below the list of affected companies published by Bleeping Computer, which attempted to notify them.

Company User Records Known?
Teespring.com  8.2 million No
MyON.com 13 million No
Chqbook.com 1 million No
Anyvan.com 4.1 million No
Eventials.com 1.4 million No
Wahoofitness.com 1.7 million No
Sitepoint.com 1 million No
Clickindia.com  8 million No
Juspay.in  100 million Yes
Knockcrm.com  6 million Yes
Mindful.org 1.7 million Yes
Bigbasket.com  20 million Yes
Reddoorz.com  5.8 million Yes
Hybris.com (SAP.com) 4 million SAP client data
Wedmegood.com 1.3 million Yes
Wongnai.com  4.3 million Yes
Geekie.com.br  8.1 million Yes
Accuradio.com 2.2 million Yes
Everything5pounds.com 2.9 million Yes
Cermati.com 2.9 million Yes
Netlog.com (Twoo.com) 53 million Yes
Reverbnation.com  7.8 million Yes
Fotolog.com 33 million Yes
Pizap.com 60 million Yes
ModaOperandi.com 1.2 million Yes
Singlesnet.com  16 million Yes

Some of the companies confirmed the incident to BleepingComputer, others such as Chqbook.com claims that they haven’t suffered a security breach.

“There has been no data breach and no information belonging to our customers has been compromised. Data security is a key priority area for us and we conduct periodic security audits to ensure the safety of our customers’ information,” Chqbook told BleepingComputer.

For now, if you have an account at any of the sites listed above, it is strongly suggested that you change your password to a strong and unique one used only at that site.

Users of the above services are recommended to change their password and use unique credentials for each service they access.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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Author: Pierluigi Paganini

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