March 7, 2021

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Introducing Tenable.ep: The First Risk-Based VM Platform as Dynamic as Your Attack Surface

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Author: Jeff Aboud

Conquering your cyber risk requires a new approach to vulnerability management. With Tenable.ep, security teams gain a single, flexible license that enhances visibility and eliminates friction, so you can reduce the greatest risk with the least effort.

Over the past several years, I’ve talked with numerous IT and security professionals who are struggling to keep up with a changing attack surface.

It wasn’t long ago when most of their assets were located on-premises. Cloud migrations were primarily limited to off-site storage and a few redundant systems, primarily for the purpose of business continuity. Nowadays, the majority of their assets are located in the cloud, including those that are business-critical. They also have an abundance of web apps and critical assets in container environments. Some even manage hybrid IT-OT environments. They’re doing everything they can to gain visibility into these emerging asset types, so they can assess them for critical vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

The problem is, when these security leaders began their vulnerability management programs, they were still in the midst of that old, on-premises world, so the tools they had to assess that environment were only intended to support that specific network configuration. Each time the organization ventured into a new environment, it created a blind spot in their attack surface, since existing security tools could neither assess the new assets, nor the vulnerabilities that reside on them. To solve the problem, they’d eventually get budget approval for a new security tool that would allow them to see and assess that new environment—but not until they endured agonizing, time-consuming processes to procure and ultimately deploy the new tool.

And those processes repeated themselves with every new evolution of their network.

Fragmented Tool Sets Expand the Attackers’ Advantage

Today, security teams have multiple tools to assess the wide range of assets and vulnerabilities across their attack surface. That’s the good news; they’ve eliminated the blind spots. But at what cost? Each of those tools has its own license, technology platform and user interface, and each has its own unique way of processing and displaying security intelligence. So, defenders end up manually stitching together massive amounts of data from their various security tools to try to determine where they are exposed, and then put those vulnerabilities into context, so that they can effectively prioritize their remediation efforts.

One security leader I spoke with really put it in perspective for me. “We’ve purchased a ton of single-purpose tools to solve specific security needs, and now we spend too much time pulling that data together and not enough time acting on it,” he says. “We have to manually parse through all of that data to try to make sense of our situation, which leaves us chronically behind.” And he’s not alone. Nearly every security leader I’ve met talks about the fact that these challenges put their security teams at such an extraordinary disadvantage that they’re incapable of keeping up with the volume and velocity of vulnerabilities discovered in their environment.

These security leaders realize that now is the time to take control. They need the right tools to focus their time and resources on fixing what matters most. This is the risk-based revolution. 

Dynamically Assess Your Entire Attack Surface with the Tenable Exposure Platform

Today, we’re proud to announce the Tenable Exposure Platform (Tenable.ep) as a solution to these challenges. Tenable.ep is a unified risk-based vulnerability management platform that enables security leaders to know the exposure of every asset, on any platform, at all times. And it employs a flexible license that simplifies the definition of an asset to help streamline operations. Security teams can allocate resources according to their specific needs, and modify that allocation as their business needs or compliance requirements evolve.

Tenable.ep includes a comprehensive tool set that:

  • Eliminates blind spots across the entire attack surface
  • Provides a unified view of a wide range of assets and vulnerabilities
  • Predicts which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited in the near future
  • Measures security program maturity and highlights areas for process improvement
  • Benchmarks the efficiency of the organization’s security program against industry peers

Best of all, Tenable.ep isn’t just a bundle of individual products all thrown together in a box and assigned a price. Instead, every component is tightly integrated to work together, and enables assets and vulnerabilities from across the attack surface to be assessed together on a single dashboard.

In short, Tenable.ep is the only solution you need to run comprehensive, effective vulnerability management programs. To learn more, visit the Tenable.ep product page.

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Author: Jeff Aboud

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