Dec 102015

An easytoexploit crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability was located in Yahoo Mails mobile site by security researcher, Ibrahim Raafat.

Source: XSS vulnerability found on mobile site of Yahoo! Mail – SC Magazine

Sep 062015

Cisco released software updates to address a vulnerability that can lead to system instability or a denialofservice condition.

Source: Vulnerability addressed in Cisco IMC Supervisor and Cisco UCS Director – SC Magazine

Mar 282015

Adobe still under fire.

Exploit Kits Leverage Vulnerability One Week After Patch | SecurityWeek.Com.

Jan 142015

Microsoft is starting to clam up about there patches before they are released. This puts the hackers a step behind in exploiting these vulnerabilities until the fix is actually published.

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday preview will no longer be made public – SC Magazine.

Jan 132015

Another Windows Vulnerability.  This one uses a privilege escalation to run Windows calculator as an example.  Was discovered over 90 days ago.  Hopefully, we get a fix soon.

Jan 132015

If you have Mac OS X please read this article.

Nov 222014

Facebook has had its issues in the press from time to time, but this is a security bug reported and reportedly fixed that allows someone to post as someone else.  Apparently the hack was sent in about a year ago, but never fixed as the author of the hack explains in the article.  This is kinda scary!  Facebook needs to fix this problem quick!

Here is a video showing the hack.

Facebook Security Loophole Reported A Year Ago Still Open

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